Wednesday, March 7, 2007


The Canadian Policy Research Networks  was among the bureaucratic agencies whose budget was cut last year.  No, it’s not non-partison.

From Social Investment: Not a matter of Either/Or comes this non-partisan quote...

On January 23rd Canadians will pull on their boots, pick up their shovels and dig through record levels of mudslinging, electoral cynicism, and declining trust in government. Trudging out into the bitter cold of the federal election, some Canadians will even find some honest to goodness policy choices. For Canadians who vote, the challenge is to grasp the real choices buried beneath the political rhetoric.

Some electoral candidates (can you guess which ones???), for example, tell us we have to choose between social investments, and market-based initiatives: between a universal and quality national child care strategy, and a child care allowance with increased incentives for private child care providers; between a national plan to reduce waiting times for health care, and increased incentives for health care privatization; or, between increased support for vibrant and sustainable communities, and tax credits for registering kids in organized sport.

iticians (they are talking about the Conservatives) gain profile by presenting us with a simplistic vision of social policy. They use the time-worn argument of a so-called “trade-off” between social policy and economic growth and productivity, often dubbed the “equity-efficiency trade-off”. The bottom line for efficiency advocates: economic investments not social investments are the key to the well-being of Canadians. But the truth is, few economic theorists or policy makers today draw such stark lines in the sand.(only the dumb Conservatives)

This particular non-partisan piece was written by Eva Lazar.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

But it's go to help .... right?

Fidel Castro's death will not result in improved relations for the United States and Cuba, a former senior U.S. official said. - UPI

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Castro Doing Well

A shame:

A daughter of acting President Raul Castro said Sunday that her uncle Fidel is recovering "very well" from surgery and would likely again be "present and very active" in Cuba's government.

"Fidel is stupendous," said Mariela Castro Espin, who attended the dedication of a book of collected speeches and interviews by her mother Vilma Espin, a veteran of the revolution led by Castro and head of the Federation of Cuban Women.

In truth, any report concerning Castor condition is meaningless.